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It’s About Time

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Everyone has experienced the anxiety inherent in the seemingly endless "waiting" that gradually erodes the psyche of the patient through fear and uncertainty. By consciously designing the time spent waiting, both within and outside of the healthcare environment, we transform the waiting experience from anxiety and fear to productive and restorative. From this belief we created waitwell, designed from experience to provide peace of mind and meaningful support for a sustainable, empathetic patient experience.  

our tools to help.

waitwell exists to transform the concept of "waiting" inside and outside of the waiting room. We understand the anxiety associated with waiting and provide intentionally-designed tools to help.


Bringing Patients Peace of Mind


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"The things that I did to help me get through are the things that I'm offering in my business, and I hope it can help other people."

— Karen DeCuir-DiNicola, featured on WXYZ-TV Detroit

our mission is to ease patient suffering.


founded on experience.

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After 27 years in corporate America, surviving two cancer diagnoses, raising two children, and a relentless drive to alleviate unnecessary patient suffering, Karen DeCuir-DiNicola started waitwell to ease patient suffering by redefining the experience of waiting.

Created from experience and necessity, waitwell is the result of many hours spent waiting during her experiences with cancer, where anxiety permeates both within and outside of the healthcare environment. She demanded a productive answer other than sitting unknowingly for hours with dated, used magazines waiting and anxiously anticipating the worst.

Our mission at waitwell is to forever change the patient's experience of waiting. We are working to create a body of research to better support and understand the waiting process. We hope to document your story and those from people like you to redefine the concept of complete care.





"I received a copy of It’s About Time and I enjoyed it.  A good, thorough, thoughtful and insightful discussion of the "wait" as a significant, yet taken-for-granted part of the overall experience of care. Office and department managers will find it useful and easy reading as they search for ways to improve their patient satisfaction."

— Irwin Press, co-founder, Press Ganey Associates