52 Weeks of Wellness Deck

52 Weeks of Wellness Deck


For immediate inspiration for yourself or someone you love, our wellness cards provide 52 inspirational messages included with a note from the author and instructions for use.

Daily reflection and/or affirmations have been shown to have a significant impact on maintaining, supporting, and sustaining general well-being and a positive outlook.

Choose one card and focus on it for a week. Let the message soak in and help enhance your mental health and well-being. Each day, and through each season, notice subtle changes in your perspective.

A daily reminder of the importance of empathy. To be enjoyed by oneself or as a gift of love to those in need.

Each package contains a sealed deck of 52 wellness cards.

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There are four seasons in the year and four seasons in our lives. Each with its own beauty, challenges, triumphs, and sadness. Self care is key to flourishing in every season of the year as well as every season of our lives. Placing yourself on the "to-do" list is just as, if not more important than any other item on your list.  Time focused on your well-being benefits your mind, body, and spirit.

As you reflect on these cards, it is our hope that it will increase your self-awareness and provide clarity in identifying the elements required for your personal well-being. The photos on the front of the cards serve as a reminder of the beauty in each season as well as the beauty in your own life.